The First Specialist School Transport Consultancy

We understand how vulnerable independent schools are to noncompliance issues. We understand that the systems they use need to be user friendly, yet effective and efficient. We also understand that premium independent schools are different to other transport operations.

Transport that doesn't meet the DVSA's requirements puts your school at risk of:

  • Losing permission to operate your vehicles
  • Driving licence endorsement
  • Legal action and fines
  • Legal Liability in the event of an injury

Outsource the Risk

Maintaining compliance over a whole fleet of vehicles and all its drivers is an onerous task. It's also not what your school is best at, the school is best at teaching, and transport compliance is a headache the school could do without. 

James, our lead consultant, has 15 years' experience in transport with a specialism in minibuses and holds the full complement of Certificates of Professional Competence. A team of professional transport administrators support the cloud based solutions that we use to schedule maintenance, inspections, driver training , daily defect checks, vehicle testing and the record keeping to prove everything is legally sound, compliant and safe. 

We would be delighted for you to outsource your transport management compliance to us, so we can handle it for you.

Become Compliant

Daily Defect Check Training Programme

There is a requirement for all minibus drivers to perform a daily walk around check. The driver is always responsible for performing the check and the school has a responsibility to ensure the driver is trained how to do the check. Our Training programme is the industry standard course for school minibus drivers. 

Train your drivers!